What to do if Your House has Extensive Fire Damage

Nobody ever wants to think about having a fire in their home, losing all of your possessions and treasured memories is unthinkable. Unfortunately house fires are still all too common and it’s something that families are dealing with everyday.  On top of the trauma of the fire itself you are faced with the huge task of going through your home to see what you can save or starting over completely.  Even if you were fortunate enough to have everyone safe and only suffer minimal damage you are still going to need to get someone in to help you with the damage.

 What to do if your house has extensive fire damage

Most of the work involved in cleaning up after a fire is spent cleaning up smoke and water damage.  The smoke and soot needs to come off the walls and be removed from your house.  Soot sticks to absolutely everything and you can find it in rooms that didn’t have a fire.  To get rid of the soot you’re going to need at the very least a heavy duty vacuum and this soot needs to be gone before you can even think about trying to get the smell of smoke out.  You will want to open all the windows and let some air in.  Here is a look at how soot is removed.

Getting the smell out

Getting the smell of smoke out of a fire damaged home is no easy task.  The smell of smoke will stay in carpets, furniture, clothes and your draperies all around your home.  They are all going to need to be cleaned and sanitized.  In order to fully get the smoke smell out you are going to need to use chemicals that breakdown the smoke molecules allowing for the odors to be removed.  A professional restoration company will bring in an ozone generator to take care of this for you.

It’s not just your furniture and carpet that can hold the odor of smoke it can also hide in your walls and if the smoke damage has penetrated the walls a restoration company may need to use a process called “thermal fogging”.  This process gets into your walls the same way the smoke does and it will then remove any trapped odors that are in there.  If you’re restoration company doesn’t use thermal fogging you could end up smelling smoke in your house for months after the fire has been cleaned up.

After your fire call a fire restoration company as soon as you can, the faster you act on the damage the more of your house you will be able to save.

Fire Damage Restoration Tips

A fire or a flood in your home is one of the worst things that can happen to you, the damage is always extensive.  First, as long as everyone in your family is okay remember that everything else can be fixed.  Yes, looking at your damaged home can be quite a shock and leave you with feelings of tremendous despair.  Restoration can be done and you’re property needs to be made ready for your family to move back it.  Here are some fire damage restoration tips that can get you back into your house that much quicker.

Fire Damage Restoration Tips

Stay Calm

It’s natural to be emotional about the damage to your home, this is where your family lives and you have thousands of treasured memories here, but calm will help you get through it all.  This is a project that requires care and to make sure the damage doesn’t spread further than it needs to.

Cleaning Up Soot and Smoke

The walls of your home are going to be the most affected by the soot and the smoke from the fire.  Before you start tackling the clean up you will want to assess just how deep the damage goes.  If you’re walls are damaged then you may need to rip out the drywall, always get in a professional to have a look.  You could end up wasting time trying to clean damaged walls and further damaging your home.

Get the Water Out

Water and chemical fire suppressants are often used to put out the fire in your home.  If you have water remaining from the fire then it needs to be drained from your home as soon as you possibly can.  First in can do extensive damage to your home and it can create the perfect environment for bacteria and mold to start growing.  Mold can make your home completely uninhabitable so that water needs to go.

Evaluate the Damage

You need to check the structure of the property and determine if the property is even safe.  You need a professional to do this for you, you need to know what can be saved and what is beyond repairing.  Your insurance company will also likely send someone out to do this too.

Bring in Professionals to Clean Up

You might be tempted to tackle this job yourself to save money and because this is your home.  Don’t give in to that temptation, fire damage can be dangerous and it is best handled by a professional crew.  Restoration companies have the safety gear and equipment to make your home liveable again.