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5 Tips For Fire Damage Restoration

Whenever a homeowner suffers damage done by fire, there are things that they expect to find and others that they find shockingly difficult to handle. Damage not only occurs because of the fire and the smoke but also because of the water and other elements used to distinguish the fire. Restoring a home will mean repairing the damage done by the fire along with restoring the smoke damaged part of the property as well as the water damage and putting the home in order so that it is better protected in the future from a fire. Here we will take a look at five tips for fire damage restoration.

1. Fire Damage

Depending on the level of damage done, it will very often require replacing burned areas in the home. It may require electrical wiring to be replaced if it has been damaged by the fire as well as replacing drywall and wall studs. Anytime there is significant damage such as this; it is best to have a contractor or fire damage assessment expert come and examine the home to determine exactly what can be saved and what needs to be replaced.

2. Smoke Damage

Anytime a home has a fire there will be a degree of damage from smoke. It might be the walls including wallpaper and paint, and the ceilings are often affected. Fortunately, if the smoke damage is not too severe, it can often be cleaned by the homeowner. Simply using a small amount of bleach along with a good detergent will often be enough to clean the smoke. The smoke will sometimes be greasy, and so dust should be cleared away first, and then the area scrubbed clean. After cleaning, then if necessary, the homeowner may choose to paint the area.

3. Mold And Mildew

Homeowners will not typically think of having to deal with mold and mildew because of the fire. But the fact is that a lot of water is often used to put the fire out and this can soak into areas where it doesn’t easily dry and that can lead to problems with mold and mildew. Anytime that is a concern the homeowner should strongly consider having a professional examine the fire damage and determine if there is a mold and mildew problem. This type of problem is a serious concern for health to all members of the family and should be thoroughly removed.

4. Floors And Carpet

Very often the floors and the carpeting in the home will be what receives and absorbs the greatest majority of the water used to put out the fire. In most cases, it will require replacing any carpeting that has received a lot of water because it is unlikely that it can be saved. Water can get down in the cracks of hardwood floors as well as underneath vinyl flooring, and this can lead to some problems if left unaddressed. Although a homeowner could try to assess the damage themselves or repair it, it is recommended to get a professional to examine those areas and determine what needs to be done.

5. Dishes

Very often fires start in the kitchen, and this means that there’s a good chance that dishes could have damage from the smoke and this means they will need to be thoroughly cleaned and sanitized before you can use them again. Because food comes in contact with the dishes, it is very important that they are thoroughly cleaned before use. To get them as clean as possible, it will require that you clean them thoroughly and then allow them to soak in a solution that uses about two tablespoons of bleach for every gallon of water used. After they have soaked, you will then need to wash them again.

Fire damage is terrible, but it is something you can recover from. Make sure to check with your insurance company before doing any restoration to ensure you comply with their rules. Use professional advice when possible.

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